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You may be wondering if a sled dog can make a good pet. The answer is ABSOLUTELY! We believe every dog can become an amazing pet if paired with the right family and patience. 

Like any other animal, our retirees will require a few things to maximize the success of the adoption. If you are interested in adopting one of our dog, make sure you are ready to provide these:


Exercise and space

The principal misconception about retired sled dog is that they all need a lot of exercise. As they will still enjoy their daily walks, most of them are ready to become lazy couch dogs. 


We are looking for people that are ready to fully commit to this process. We want to ensure that we find the right person for our dog. Their well-being is extremely important to us and we want serious applicants. When you adopt one of our dog, you become his new pack.

Love and care 


A retired sled dog will need time to adapt to the new lifestyle. These dogs spent most of their life outside or in a pen with their roommates. The transition to indoors and the new surrounding should not be rush. Although, most of our adoptable have been very well socialize throughout their life, the new surrounding (street, noises, etc.) can be a little overwhelming for them some of them. Patience is essential during the adoption process.


Our dogs are very smart and spent their life learning how to be great sled dog. They however might not know how to behave politely in an indoor setting. Your new companion will need basic house training.

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