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adoption and foster



The Adoption and Foster Program has been put in place to facilitate the retirement of our amazing athletes.


We strongly believe that every dog deserves a wonderful retirement. Some will choose to stay at the kennel and some will prefer adoption. We do everything we can to provide the specific needs for each individual. It is our responsibility to find the perfect retirement plan for all of them.


The Adoption Program's goal is

to find the perfect retirement plan for every retired sled dog.


Our actions are guided by the three F.U.R. values.

F : Freedom

U : Understanding

R : Respect

This value refers to the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare (Freedom from hunger/ thirst, from pain/ injury/disease, from distress, from discomfort and to express behaviors that promote well-being).

Our team members are extremely cautious that every single one of our dogs’ freedom is respected at any moment of their life.. It is our responsibility to find them a new home or to care for them when the dogs are ready for retirement.

We provide the highest standards of care for our dogs. We know our dogs individual needs and personalities very well. Understanding  every dogs’ behaviors and needs is essential to us. Our team has a lot of experience working with dogs. They have developed a great understanding of body languages and can identify quickly the signs that a dog might be ready to trade his harness for a couch.

We also believe it is crucial to take our time getting to know the applicants. We want to learn about their personal situation, expectations and experiences. This information will help us finding the best options for both the applications and our retirees.

The bond that a musher develops with his dogs is extremely strong. We love our dogs and want what best for every single one of them. We want their new family to feel the same way. These dogs are amazing and we want to make sure they will be provided with amazing care.





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