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Trapper’s Run Dogsled Adventures was founded in 2007 in Whistler. It has been operating dogsled tours in the area for more than twelve years.

We pride ourselves with having an extremely happy kennel. Much of this is due to our philosophy on teamwork, cooperation and love. We believe every dog's performance is directly related to its self confidence. Our dogs want to be contributing members of their society. We do not operate with reward or fear based running. Throughout the years, we put a lot of energy ensuring every dog's physical and mental well-being. We operate with the highest standards in dog care by staying up to date with studies and reports about the industry.

Our pack contains individuals with different needs. Some of our members were born in the facilities and have grown up with our team of mushers. We also have rescued many dogs from bad situations. They come with different backgrounds and experiences. Our handlers are trained to meet all of our pack members' specific needs.

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